June 26, 2011

Whole 30 - Day 8

Cool, I learned how to do a Power Clean today!
Not that I can do one perfectly now.. And the weight looked so sad.. That huge 20kg barbell with 2 teeny tiny weights of 2,5kg each.
It's more important that I get the technique right though, and I'm sure I can start adding some weight as soon as I practice those lifts more often. I also tried to do a full clean, but apparently doing lifts you usually don't do, tires your body pretty quickly.
I liked it though! Lifting is fun! I like squats best.
Someone even got me an e-book about the Juggernaut training method, which I'm going to read soon. It's supposed to be really interesting and I'll keep you posted about it as soon as I finished the book.

What did I do the rest of the day? Not much.. Some laundry, reading articles, cooking.. I simply needed to relax.
On Sundays I'm usually hungry all the time, and so I was this afternoon. I ended up 'snacking' on 1 carrot, some fresh coconut and a scrambled egg with some veggies. Somehow I craved protein. Perhaps because I've been doing quite some strength training over the last 2 days? I think so.

Temperatures will rise up to (and possibly over) 30 degrees Celsius tomorrow so it's going to be really hot for Dutch standards. I'll make sure to get to the market early tomorrow morning, and my parents are coming over in the afternoon to show me the pictures of their trip to Rome. Will be fun!

Whole 30 day 8 - 1
Leftover chicken curry

Whole 30 day 8 - 2
Stir-fried veggies (with Moroccan style seasoning) and grilled salmon

Whole 30 day 8 - 3
Creamy Arabic steak and oven roasted broccoli

1 carrot, some fresh coconut, scrambled egg + some veggies

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