June 22, 2011

Whole 30 - Day 4

Foodwise, this was a really boring day.. I started with a salad, had a salad for lunch, and guess what was for dinner? More salad!
I planned to make a chicken stir-fry for dinner, but I ended up getting home really hungry from my exams and I was in such desperate need of food that I threw the first thing that I could find in my fridge on a plate, mixed it up and ate it. Which happened to be a salad and some shredded chicken. Tasted good though!
I'll just add more veggie variety tomorrow.

I wanted to get myself some food at Amsterdam airport, my favourite place to transfer trains whenever I'm travelling my train. I pretty much take any excuse to browse the shops over there, and there's this supermarket over there that has lots of good eats (also paleo!), but guess what? There was some kind of bomb alert, and that supermarket had been closed until further notice. Was the bomb alert inside that store? Nope.. It was in a different terminal. Why did they close it then? Don't know.. My stomach was most confused of all!
I just ended up treating myself to a grande cup of green tea to go at Starbucks, which kind of made up for the disappointment.

So, after getting soaked in the rain when cycling home and having some food, I now feel like I can really start counting down to my trip to the USA! Yay! Couldn't be happier.
I realised I haven't been posting that many recipes lately, but I plan on doing some more cooking during the next few days. There's a recipe for cauliflower rice coming up, and I might just make some kind of lasagna over the weekend.
For now, I'm going to move my furniture around a little bit. During one of my attempts on studying over the last couple of days an idea popped up in my head and I can't wait to try it! Feels like my home is in 'winter mode' (even despite my yellow and blue wall), and that needs to change.

Here's what I ate today:

Whole 30 day 4 - 1
Salad with avocado, roasted onions, chicken breast and scrambled egg.

Whole 30 day 4 - 2
Salad with mackerel and scrambled egg.

Whole 30 day 4 - 3
Salad with shredded chicken.

Fresh coconut

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