June 18, 2011

Self reflecting after my birthday

Raw vanilla chocolate cinnamon cheesecake

It's the day before I start my Whole 30 and I'm looking forward to it!
Yesterday was my birthday and I had a great day! Went home early from work, did some groceries, cleaned my home and by the time I was done my parents came over to visit. Had a great time discussing anything and everything. They got me a new camera and I'm so happy with it!! They even added a memory card (8GB, so lots of storage for my pictures in the USA), a tripod and a weather-proof camera bag. I feel really spoiled! And that's not all they got me; they also got me a laptop pillow, something I really needed because I ended up with a bright red leg because of keeping my laptop on my lap for too long (the redness didn't fade until a few days afterwards) and last but not least I got the best birthday cake EVER!
My mom made it herself; the crust was made out of macadamias and walnuts, then there was a thick cashew filling with vanilla flavour, with a cinnamon swirl, and a creamy chocolate frosting (also made out of cashews) topped with some pecans. So good..
We all enjoyed a big piece, and later at night I enjoyed another piece because I liked it so much. And I've got another piece left for today!

I realised that, at this age, it's still kind of fun to get a year older. I'm 24 now. And instead of looking at the things I have yet to achieve, I decided to look back at the things I have accomplished so far:
- I bought my own home, by myself
- I have a job I enjoy and that interests me
- I have traveled to many countries
- I used to be a successful swimmer
- I got over ME/CFS
- I have learnt how important my health is and know how to maintain it
- I know how to roast a chicken
- I do pull ups at the gym and practice handstand push ups
- I focus on working to be able to live, instead of living to be able to work
- My parents are proud of me (and I'm proud of that!)
- I enjoy my life!

So, yeah, I guess I did pretty well so far. I feel good about it!
That doesn't mean I don't have any future plans or things I hope to achieve. I do. I have lots of them and that's exactly what I'm going to focus on. This post just shows that it's good to look back at the past at times as well, it makes you feel better.
I couldn't have achieved all of this without people supporting me of course; mostly my parents. I love them for that.

My next goals?
Completing the Whole 30 successfully. Passing my exams next week, and eventually getting my diploma in 2013. Enjoying myself in the USA. Getting my CrossFit Level 1 trainer certificate. Travel some more. Become even healthier and feel fitter.
And those are just a few..

This might sound like a pretty dramatic post, but I felt like it.
As of tomorrow I'll be on the Whole 30, 30 days of super clean eating, I'll blog about every single bite of food I eat and try to take as much pictures of it as possible. I'll post about difficulties I run into and about my workouts, and will try to add as much recipes as I can, of course. This is a recipe blog after all.

What did you guys accomplish in your lives so far? Anything in particular you're proud of? Let me know in a comment.


  1. hey marinka! just wanted to let you know that I love your blog :)
    I'm from Germany and started eating paleo and doing crossfit while I was in Canada for a year...so I'm always lingering at the paleo blogs from overseas since there are basically none in Germany!
    I'm proud of the fact that I stick to paleo even though I'm only 20 and my friends and parents don't get it...yet. I try not to get upset when someone says: " oh well, that's a lot of fat. how can you eat that? so unhealthy"
    It's hard though haha! bet you know that line.
    Continue with your blog, you rock girl!
    anna from Germany
    PS: strong is the new skinny ;)

  2. Hi Anna! Thank you for your nice comment :) You're so lucky to have lived in Canada for a year. And you should definitely be proud of eating Paleo, even while your family and friends don't get it. Today I tried to explain some people why I eat that many eggs and fat, why it's not unhealthy at all, but they just didn't understand.. (they just munched on their crackers and yogurt, wondering why they have so little energy, haha) Do you happen to have facebook? Would love to get in touch with you if you want.
    Strong definitely is the new skinny!!