June 24, 2011

Whole 30 - Day 6

What a tiring day at work.. But  it's weekend now! Finally some time to relax and de-stress.
I found out that I'll be having a BBQ next week at a party from work. I carefully asked what kind of food there would be, but they couldn't really tell. They wanted to make some phone calls to check the ingredients, and also suggested I'd bring my own food. I refused both.
First of all, I don't want to take the risk of getting tired of food that secretly has lots of additives. The fact that something is gluten free and dairy free, doesn't mean it doesn't contain any MSG or soy (both will certainly get my energy levels down for a few days) and I know I'd be a pain in the ass when they'd have to take care of 'special' food for me. And then again, the only thing I'd be eating is meat. Dry, tasteless meat. (somehow people think you can't add any spices when someone has dietary restrictions)
Question they asked me 'but you can eat salads, right?'. No I cannot eat potato salads with lots of dairy and other crap. That's not a salad in my opinion.

Bringing my own food feels stupid and I'd have to watch that it doesn't get served to someone else by mistake. Either way, I'd end up constantly watching my food, instead of enjoying the party itself.
I know people think I'm a buzzkill that way, but the risk of eating something that will make me tired and the fact that the food won't be good anyhow, just isn't worth it to me. I'll just have my dinner before going to the party.
It's a shame people don't seem to understand, but they're going to have to live with it.
After all, I'm going there to have a good time, not to please others.

You might ask yourself now 'Do you ALWAYS eat really strict then?'. No I don't. And whenever I don't, I regret it 9 out of 10 times. By now, I've learnt when something's worth it, and when it's not.
Some buffets in Las Vegas for example: totally worth it!!
Of course I'll still eat paleo over there and according to my diet, but you won't hear me complaining about a few 'hidden' ingredients. There are so many amazing food options over there, it won't be hard to fill myself up with good quality, healthy food.

Now that we've got that out of the way, I have to share with you what one of my penpals sent me as a gift: a jumbo cupcake mould!
They even have this annoying-but-funny commercial:

I won't be doing any baking for a while now, but as soon as I'm going to make a pie for a special occasion, I'll be using my new cupcake mould. It's so cool.. I bet it works really well with an almond flour cake too.
Let's get to my meals for day 6 now:

Whole 30 day 6 - 1
Beef stew with leftover oven roasted broccoli, 2 scrambled eggs and 1/2 avocado

Whole 30 day 6 - 2
Leftover cauliflower fried rice with 1 scrambled egg, 1/2 avocado and grilled salmon

Whole 30 day 6 - 3

Some fresh coconut

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