June 25, 2011

Whole 30 - Day 7 & CrossFit

Here we are, on to day 7 of the Whole 30! One week has gone by and I'm still going strong.
Today might even have made me even stronger because I had my very first WOD at an official CrossFit gym! It was awesome!!
Best training ever. (so far, haha)
I didn't really know what to expect, but everyone was really nice. Everyone was relaxed, ready for a good workout.
We started with some rope jumping and then went on to the warming up. The gym's slogan is 'Your workout is my warm up'. I totally get why, because the warm up was:
10 kb deadlifts
10 kb cleans (5x each arm)
10 kb snatches (5x each arm)
10 kb swings

My heart rate had already gone up quite a bit afterwards, and I started sweating. Good warm up! After drinking some water, the WOD could begin.

We did 3 rounds of Whitten:
- 22 Kettlebell swings
- 22 Box jumps
- Run 400 meters
- 22 Burpees
- 22 Wall balls

If you wanted you could scale down the workout to 15 reps of each exercise. I only scaled down the box jumps. After approx. 26 minutes, I was done, and needed to sit down to take a rest.
Another good thing about the workout, that we all did a cool down as well. That definitely helps for recovery. There even was coffee and tea afterwards, everyone was chatting for a bit, just having a good time.

So. What did I learn today?
- I LOVE CrossFit!
- Snatches and cleans (nope, couldn't do those yet)
- Snatches and cleans can hurt (I have a bruise on both my lower arms because I was too slow  in making the movement at first)
- did I mention that I love CrossFit yet?

And last but not least; my meals:

Whole 30 day 7 - 1
Leftover lasagna + 1 avocado
You only see 1 piece of lasagna in this picture, but right after finishing it I realised I didn't eat enough (was still hungry + keeping my WOD right before lunch time in mind) and had another piece.

Fresh coconut (because of my huge breakfast, I wasn't that hungry and only had some coconut)

Whole 30 day 7 - 2
Chicken lemon curry (approx. 200g chicken, cabbage, onion, pepper and coconut cream)

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