February 26, 2011

Nutty snack balls

Nutty snack balls

I guess I just had to snack tonight.. But instead of going to the supermarket and get myself a bag of crisps, I made these little thingies. Much more satisfying and they taste better too!
They were especially good while enjoying one of my favourite movies: The Chronicles of Riddick. (and some episodes of House MD, of course..)
Plus I used up of a lot of dried fruit this way!
You could use some dried cherries instead of half of the raisins and add some vanilla to make these balls extra special.

I also skyped with my mom tonight and she told me she was already preparing a High Tea for next weekend. It'll include lots of nuts and fruit, but I just couldn't refuse. Those high teas at home are always so much fun and very tasty, while still Paleo.
I mean, who would pass on a special meal like that?
So I guess I'll only be eating nuts again next Sunday, but will stick to the nut and fruit free diet on the other 13 days.

Nutty snack balls
- 1/2 cup almond butter
- 1/2 cup dried apricots
- 1/2 cup raisins
- 1/4 cup almond slivers
- 1/4 cup mixed seeds
- 1/2 cup desiccated coconut

1. In a food processor, combine almond butter, apricots, raisins, almond slivers, seeds and 1/4 cup of the desiccated coconut. Process until well-combined, it doesn't have to be all smooth.
2. Put the remaining coconut on a plate.
3. Make small balls of the mixture by using your hands, and roll them through the coconut.
4. Put the balls in the fridge for about an hour to firm up a little and serve.

Makes approx. 16 balls.

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