February 15, 2011

My very first CrossFit training!

I just got home from my very first CrossFit training, and I loved it!! Pretty much all my muscles hurt and I don't really feel like moving anymore at all, but it was great!
It only took about half an hour in which I did a warming up and 2 different sets of 4 exercises which I each did 4 times. The first set was mostly about my lower body and the second set focused on my upper body, and core of course; pullups, pushups, walking lunges, sprints.. I even used a kettlebell for the first time! (which is pretty cool)
Of course I couldn't do a pullup all by myself, so I got to use a rubber band to help me (and my trainer helped me a few times too) but my goal is to be able to do it by myself eventually.

From now on I'll be going there 2-3 times a week to work out and I'm so excited about it! I'm definitely going to do more research about CrossFit too. My trainer knew quite a lot about it, but, curious as I am, I want to have at least the same knowledge.
I'm really glad I made the decision to start doing this, I wasn't too sure I could do it, but tonight gave me a lot of confidence. It's intense, but not too long and you're not constantly doing the same thing, which makes it fun, effective and easier to do while you still put in maximum effort.

Well I guess I've explained my enthusiasm about CrossFit enough for now.. Unfortunately I don't have any recipes for you today; I made a simple (though tasty) stir-fry with ground beef for dinner tonight, but it wasn't special enough to make a recipe out of it. I guess I'll be making something new tomorrow though and I'll make sure to post it here, if it turns out well.

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