July 3, 2011

Whole 30 - Day 15 - CrossFit - Cancer research

And we're halfway there! I just successfully completed 15 days of strict Paleo eating, and have 15 more days to go. I feel fine, actually. Less obsessive with food, much less cravings, and whenever I get any, I don't have a hard time resisting them at all.

Today was an interesting day. Let's start with the beginning; a cool CrossFit WOD!
We started with a KB warm up:
3 rounds of:
- KB snatches (5x each arm)
- KB clean and press (5x each arm)
- Goblet squat (10x)
- KB lunge (5x each leg)
- KB high pull (5x each arm)
- KB row (5x each arm)
- KB swings (10x)

After wiping the sweat off of our foreheads (and the rest of our faces) we proceeded to the actual WOD:
A 15 minute AMRAP of: 9 deadlifts / 12 push ups / 15 box jumps.
Sounds easy, definitely isn't!
This was my first time doing deadlifts with a barbell. I used 40kg and it went pretty well, although they definitely were the hardest part of the round. I the end I came to 6 rounds and 7 deadlifts.
We practiced some pull ups afterwards and I also did some core exercises before heading home.

During the rest of my day I've mostly been reading interesting articles and doing lots of cooking. I made burgers, roasted cauliflower and broccoli, roasted a chicken and chopped a lot of veggies so I could easily use those in dishes over the next few days.
Oh and I'm also halfway watching X-Men First Class, another good movie! (I think I'm becoming a movie nerd.. Or am I just really late in realizing I am one?)

One of the articles I read was about cancer research. Someone mentioned cancer research to me, I started googling, and guess what? I found an article in which researches discovered that a low carb, high protein diet will make cancer grow less quickly in mice, as cancerous cells mostly use glucose as fuel. This already sounded pretty Paleo to me.
When I read on, I found that they however did not increase fat intake as fat could promote tumor growth as well. They purely replaced the calories the mice would normally get from carbs with protein sources. And another benefit; the mice on a Western diet gained weight, while the low carb, high protein fed mice didn't.
What else do you need to prove that a Paleo diet is a very healthy way to feed humans?
Want to read the article for yourself? Click here!

And yet again, here are my Paleo eats for today:

Whole 30 day 15 - 1
Leftover chili lime chicken and spicy cauliflower fried rice, topped with cilantro

Whole 30 day 15 - 2
Oven roasted cauliflower (with curry powder) and cabbage-wrapped beef burgers

Whole 30 day 15 - 3
Roast chicken with carrot, onion and kohlrabi and some oven roasted broccoli

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