July 9, 2011

Whole 30 - Day 21 & another nice WOD

Woohoo! I did a double under!! My first one, ever :)
Now all I need is a speed rope and lots of practice, and I'm sure I'll be able to do a few more soon. Perhaps I can find myself a speed rope in the USA next month.
Can you believe it? I'll already BE in the USA next month! I'll even be there 3 weeks from now. (jetlagged, but happy)

Before I keep going on and on about my upcoming trip, I better tell you about today's CrossFit WOD at CrossFit Twente! It was a lot of fun again and I had a really good time.
The WOD was pretty tough but not as tough as last time we went there.

We started with some stretching, then did 3 rounds of 15 wall balls and 5 toes to bars. At first I could hardly get my toes near the bar, but after a few attempts I kind of got the hang of the swinging and succeeded in doing 5 during the last round.
Then came our WOD; Angie!

100 pull ups
100 push ups
100 sit ups
100 squats

The only thing missing was the actual song Angie playing while we did it, but I guess it wouldn't have been too motivational since it's a pretty slow song.
When I was around my 80th sit up and my abs were burning and the question 'why am I doing this' was starting to form in my mind, Guns 'N Roses' Sweet Child O Mine started playing! Timing couldn't have been better, as that intro is the perfect motivation.
Before I knew it, the rest of my sit ups were done and I only had to perform those squats. I finished at 24:04.
Will be going to CrossFit Twente again next Saturday, and I already can't wait!

I'd almost forget to tell you about my PWO meal; I had fritatta with some carrots shortly after the WOD and that digested pretty quickly. I felt good after eating it though, didn't leave me tired at all, didn't bother my stomach.
Normally I either don't eat after a workout, or just have something small, and the biggest difference is that I wasn't tired when I got home at all, while I normally am! 
I just sat down for a while, then got hungry again and had 'dinner' at 3.45 PM. Quite early, but you better eat when you're hungry, right?
I then cycled to the city center to get myself some goodies from the outdoor sports shop to take with my on my trip; BPA free plastic cutlery, concentrated laundry wash and hand sanitizer. They also had a pretty cool meal kit and a foldable bowl, but I figured I wasn't going on a survival trip and that I could just get myself a bowl or plate when I'm in the USA (after all, I am going to have to prepare some meals myself). I could've bought half of the items they had in store if I'd had the money, because in those stores, everything suddenly appears to be very useful while you'd actually never use it.

Today's breakfast was inspired by Rob's recipe at PrimalFood. It was really good! Instead of using tuna, I used mackerel, which worked really well. I also omitted the salsa (didn't have any) but replaced that with some lemon juice and ground black pepper. Yum!
I served it with 1/2 tomato, a fried egg, and.... another batch of coconut baba ghanoush. I just love that stuff..
Whole 30 day 21 - 1

And these were my other meals:

Whole 30 day 21 - 2
Lunch (PWO):
2-egg fritatta with spinach, red onion and a small amount of leftover chicken, some carrots

Whole 30 day 21 - 3
Cauliflower fried rice with onion, spinach and shii-take, and 2 beef burgers with carrot and onion mixed in

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