July 6, 2011

Whole 30 - Day 18 & Learning snatches

I learned a new skill today! Snatches! (thanks for teaching me, Edmund!)
We started out by doing some med ball snatches as a warm up, then used an almost weightless barbell to get the hang of the movement itself before we proceeded to use an actual barbell. I used a 15kg barbell, which was heavy enough for a first time, since I'm not that good at doing really quick and explosive movements yet. But I liked it!

We also practiced some power cleans and pull ups, then did a few core exercises and called it a day. I wasn't that tired from the whole workout (except for my arms and shoulders) and instead it left me energized for the rest of the evening. (so far at least)

I really needed that, because the rest of my day sucked. Had a fair deal of stress at work, didn't feel good all morning.. Let's hope tomorrow will be a better day!

I'm halfway through my work week, so I can start counting down to the weekend again! And it's just 3 more weeks before I head to the USA.. I have to admit that I actually made a list today of things I need to pack.
And I got my laminated maps of Seattle and Chicago in the mail yesterday! Nice =)

So here's what day 18 looked like, foodwise:

Whole 30 day 18 - 1
Leftover lime chicken salad with a tomato

Whole 30 day 18 - 2
Stir-fried broccoli and butternut squash, with 2 scrambled eggs with some mackerel

Whole 30 day 18 - 3
Pan fried turkey fillets with some roasted beets and zucchini salad

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