July 2, 2011

Whole 30 - Day 14

My Saturday started out pretty well today! I woke up after 9 hours of solid sleep and felt much better already. I do have a slightly sore throat, but my energy levels (and appetite!) are on the rise again.
I'd planned to do some groceries, but as it so happened, I didn't even need anything so I stayed home during the morning instead and read the Juggernaut Method e-book. Quite interesting! And of course I also did some holiday planning, after getting lots of information about Seattle and its surroundings in the mail yesterday.

After assembling some paleo burritos for lunch (cabbage leaves filled with leftover ground beef, simple but satisfying) I cycled to the city center to get my picture taken for my international driver's licence. I don't like getting my picture taken like that because it means I have to pay for a picture in which I look pretty much horrible.
After dealing with the annoying lady who seemed to want to know about every single arrangement I had made for my USA trip (and she couldn't resist judging those of course), I finally got my international licence.

I also went to the bicycle shop to ask if my bike could get some maintenance, and they told me I could bring it in on Monday. And guess what happened when I tried to cycle later that day? My bike broke down.. Really, I was cycling, I heard 'crack' and then couldn't move my pedals around anymore. Darn bike..
Luckily I was really close to the train station, so I parked my bike over there and continued by train. Let's hope they'll still be able to fix it on Monday!

Oh and I watched Transformers: Dark of the Moon tonight!! Really awesome movie!!
Plus I borrowed the Paleo Diet for Athletes from a friend, so I've got myself a whole lot of reading material for tomorrow.

Now, before I head to bed, here's what I ate today:

Whole 30 day 14 - 1
Chili lime chicken with zucchini noodles (yes, I made another batch of that chicken, yum!)

Whole 30 day 14 - 2
Paleo burritos (leftover ground beef with celery and tomato in cabbage leaves)

Whole 30 day 14 - 3
Spicy cauliflower fried rice with egg and sardines

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  1. Very nice variety and it all looks yummy. I"m about to start paleo and was wondering how you made your zucchini noodles?

    Thanks for sharing,