July 10, 2011

Whole 30 - Day 22

Here we are, day 22! At this point in the Whole 30 I'm actually starting to miss certain foods.. I'd love to have some fruit, some nuts and some cocoa too. Would be nice to eat that again.. Although all are allowed on the Whole 30, I want to keep my blood sugar under the best control I can, so none of the sweet stuff for me. Just 8 more days, I'm sure that won't be too hard.
I'm visiting my parents today, and we just did a 15km beach (and dune) walk. Had a great time! We walked for about 3 hours, so that might be causing some carb cravings right now. I also have slightly sore abs, and my legs feel a bit heavy, I guess yesterday's workout contributed to that. Including a lack of sleep..
I was planning to take the 7AM train today, without checking the schedule online.. Turns out, the first train on Sunday didn't leave until 8AM.. Darn.. Could've stayed in bed for another hour!

I did some reading while on the train; The Paleo Diet for Athletes, by Loren Cordain. Very interesting book, but it seems to be mostly designed for triathletes and other people who do a huge amount of sports on a daily basis. The importance of carbs is constantly being stressed in the book, without that much underlying information as to WHY your body needs that amount of carbs. Question that came to mind; what ever happened to the idea of the metabolism shift in which you should burn  mainly fat instead of carbs? I get why you'd need more carbs when you exercise a whole lot, but I'm missing the science in the book. It's more like a list 'eat this and you'll be fine' with a whole lot of tables in it. Looks impressive, but why would you list grains and print some of those in bold because they contain a large amount of a certain nutrient? Especially since some vegetables contain much more of that certain nutrient. Grains are bad anyhow (as mentioned in The Paleo Diet), especially the ones containing gluten, so why would you add these to a list if not for the sole purpose of pointing out how unhealthy they are?
After reading that one should only eat lean meat and little animal fat, just like The Paleo Diet tells you to do, I started to ask myself why The Primal Blueprint actually encourages the consumption of those fats. Turns out, Mark Sisson did a post on that and he explains it very well over here.
I haven't finished the book yet though, and I will keep on reading, but it's been disappointing me a little so far. I liked The Paleo Diet much better, I think the Athletes edition is passing the purpose of the diet itself.
I wonder how Robb Wolf covers the Paleo Diet basics.. I should definitely read his book. Perhaps I can get myself a copy in the USA.

Anyway, here's what I ate today:

Whole 30 day 22 - 1
Cauliflower fried rice with carrot, 2 beef burgers and an avocado

Whole 30 day 22 - 2
Stir-fried veggies and a tasty beef stew (made by my mom!). This did have some dried fruits in it (apricots and prunes) but it still was mostly meat so didn't spike my blood sugar. Plus it tasted really really good.

Whole 30 day 22 - 3
Salad with grilled mackerel and a scrambled egg

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