January 29, 2011

Paleo food(ie) in Amsterdam

Eating Paleo in Amsterdam isn't that hard to do at all. There are lots of health food stores and fresh meat, fruit and veggies is widely available.
Today my mom and me went there to do some serious shopping (and we succeeded!) and besides that we bought quite a lot of food, Paleo food.
First of all, we started at with some Starbucks green mint tea at the train station, can't think of a better way to start a day of shopping. Next, we walked to the farmer's market; the Noordermarkt, where loads of organic items are sold on Saturday. Besides fruit, veggies, cheeses, dairy and bread, there also were stalls where they sold prepared foods like soup and different sauces, pies, all homemade of course. The stall we loved most was from Raw Superfoods, a wonderful Amsterdam based company. They sold books, kitchen equipment, all kinds of ingredients and, best of all; raw homemade food! There was lasagna, lemon pie and chocolate pie; all of them vegan, raw and grain free. We tried the chocolate pie, and it was delicious!! I can recommend it to everyone!
Too bad there aren't markets like these in Nijmegen.. (where I live) I guess it does save me a lot of money! If it isn't there, I can't buy it.
We also bought some vegetable chips and some dried fruits at another stall. (not totally paleo, but delicious nonetheless)

Next up was some clothes shopping, of course, we bought some wonderful King Louie items that were on sale. We took our time trying everything on and before we knew it, it was lunch time!
Our lunch was amazing, I can't think of another word to describe it, or maybe amazingly delicious. We ate at 'Burgermeester' (translated: Burger master), their main dishes consist of, in case you hadn't figured it out yet, burgers. Very tasty burgers! They had all kinds of burgers, and you could also choose to get it served as a salad, without the bread. My mom had the tuna burger, and I had the 'master beef burger', a perfectly cooked burger served on a fresh salad with grilled veggies and some homemade mayo. Delicious!
Our burgers filled us all the way up, we were still a bit thirsty though, so we went to a health food store for a healthy drink.
We ended up buying Coco Juice with Banana from Dr. Martins and we both finished 500ml at once. It tasted great and I was surprised that it didn't spike my blood sugar at all.

In between our large meal and the next pit stop, we shopped, a lot! (new shoes, yay!) Before going home we bought some ice-cream (even though it was a few degrees below zero outside) at a supermarket in Chinatown. That's the only place I know where they have coconut milk based ice-cream. You'd think the ice-cream is Asian, but it's made by a Dutch guy! The brand's called 'Professor Grunschnabel' and it has lots of exciting new flavours no one has every thought of before. It's pretty hard to get your hands on a pint of it, but luckily that Chinese supermarket carries a large selection.
We chose Indian Winter (made of coconut milk, ginger and Indian spices), Siam Horapa Coco (with coconut milk, Thai basil, lime and roast coconut) and a pint to take home: Banana Bahiana (with coconut milk, banana, lime and vanilla).
I had the Banana Bahiana before, it's amazing! Indian Winter really tasted like spicy ginger (there were pieces of ginger inside) but it was a little too gingery for my taste. The Siam Horapa Coco was totally delicious again, yum! The only thing non paleo about these is that they do contain sugar.
Ok, so we didn't exactly have a 'dinner' but the ice-cream surely filled us all the way up and everytime we find something that doesn't contain grains or dairy, we can't resist trying it..
That's all for this trip, but I'm sure we'll find some other great places to eat Paleo in Amsterdam or somewhere else soon.

We're going to New York in April, so does anyone have any tips on where to eat Paleo or Vegan or something like that? We love trying new food!


  1. Thanks so much for posting this! I'm going to be in Amsterdam tomorrow, and was wondering where the hell to eat as a Paleo newbie.. ^^ Are you Dutch? I am.. sort of.. living in Groningen. I'm considering starting a blog like yours, so that I can help people the way you just helped me!

  2. Hi Eline! Thanks for your comment! I'm Dutch indeed, living in Nijmegen :)
    In case you start your own blog, please let me know the URL so I can start following it! It's always interesting to read other people's take on a Paleo diet. Have fun in Amsterdam! (oh and Burgermeester really is a great place to eat..)