December 26, 2010

Wonderful Christmas time..

White Christmas

Look, it's a white Christmas! How beautiful!
This is what the South of the Netherlands looked like yesterday when we went out for a walk.
Yesterday's dinner was a huge success, and my mom made it all.
We started out with pumpkin soup, followed by the main course which consisted of Moroccan stir-fried veggies and a wonderful beef stew.
My mom used this stew recipe from the BBC GoodFood website and it was absolutely delicious, although she made it with beef instead of lamb. So if anyone is still looking for a challenging recipe to make for New Year's Eve, this is one you should definitely try!
Last but not least, we had poached pears, with some vegan and gluten free ice-cream. (which, of course, was delicious!)
Today, we're going to have a chicken curry.. And (shh, don't tell anyone..) chocolate fondue!

And finally, I just have to show you how my cat is enjoying Christmas, pretty cute, right?
Luna december 25

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