December 2, 2010

Black radish chips and Italian chicken

Black radish chips

Here's what I did with my black radish today. Again, I didn't know what a black radish would taste like and after googling it, everyone seemed to recommend either frying it or putting it into a salad. I chose to fry mine, I simply cut it up in thin slices, heated some oil in a frying pan and fryed them on both sides until browned and soft.
I let them drain on a few paper towels, sprinkled them with lemon pepper and thyme and that's it!
It was really easy, and I would recommend serving these as a side dish. They're quite tasty and you could add some more spices too if you like.

Tonight I served these with Italian stir-fried chicken. One of my favourite quick chicken fixes. Simply cut a chicken fillet into cubes, chop up an onion, heat some oil in a frying pan and fry chicken until browned. Add the onion, stir-fry until soft and browned and add some pepper and dried Italian herbs. Easy does it.
Even better: I got some chicken left over for my lunch salad at work tomorrow!

As we speak my turnips are in the oven, they need another 45 minutes to go.. I realised I bought a little too many veggies this week, because I'd forgotten I wouldn't be at home during the weekend. That's why I'm making an extra dish today; I'm simply going to freeze it and have it next week or so.
Turnips seem to be good when baked or pureed, so I chose to bake them this time. Hopefully I can get my hands on some more at the market on Monday, so I can try and puree them as well.
I still need to make a pumpkin pie, and use my taro roots as well. So I guess I've got a lot of cooking to do before Saturday!

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