December 14, 2010

Asian beef stew

Beef stew 2

Beef stew is what we're going to have for Christmas this year, and when my mom told me on the phone that her 'try-out' version was a big success, I only craved one thing: beef stew.
A couple of weeks ago I'd tried to make one, which got really bitter because of the eggplant. I still had some beef steaks in my freezer so I decided I'd try it again, using different vegetables of course.
I loved it! This really is the kind of dish you can only make on weekends, because it has to be on the stove for such a long time. Or you could make it in the evening of course, to eat the day after. The time-consuming process of cooking it makes it extra special to have beef stew to me, it's just totally worth while!
I gave my stew a bit of an Asian twist, just because I like it that way.

Beef stew 1

Asian beef stew (serves 2)
- 250g beef steak, diced
- 3 leeks, cut into rings
- 3 winter carrots, diced
- 1 clove of garlic, chopped
- 1 tbsp freshly grated ginger
- 3 tbsp almond flour
- 2 bay leaves
- 1 tbsp cinnamon
- 1 tsp cardamom
- 1 tsp ground coriander seeds
- 1/2 tsp ground cloves
- freshly ground black pepper
- 800ml water
- 8 dried apricots, halved
- 1 tbsp fresh coriander leaves, chopped
- handful of roast cashew nuts
- 1 tsp coconut oil

1. Heat coconut oil in a large pan or wok. Fry garlic and ginger until they start smelling good, don't let them burn.
2. Add leeks and carrots and fry for a couple of minutes. Add beef, almond flour and spices and fry for a minute or so, to combine everything.
3. Add water, bring to a boil and cover the pan. Reduce heat to low and simmer for 2.5 hours.
4. Remove lid from the pan, add apricots and simmer for another 15-30 minutes, until the stew is as thick as you want it to be.
5. Sprinkle with chopped coriander leaves and cashew nuts and serve hot.

Tastes great with some pumpkin puree, or over riced cauliflower.
For people who've never heard of riced cauliflower: coarsly chop the cauliflower, removing the thick stems, and grind it to the consistency of rice in a food processor. Stir-fry in some oil for a few minutes with the spices of your choice and enjoy.

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