October 30, 2011

Whole30 day 6

Day 6 of my Whole30!
I'm still doing pretty well, despite a major carb crash in the morning. (read: trembling hands, dizziness, sweating...) Luckily some water and a good meal made all of that go away.
I only have 2 pictures to share with you, because I forgot to take a food picture of the dinner I prepared.. People were coming over and I was pretty stressed out so I forgot.
First, here are my breakfast and lunch:
Breakfast: sauteed onion, tomato, carrot and 1/2 apple, topped with an egg (I attempted to make 'eggs in a nest' but couldn't find the pan's lid so my egg was slightly undercooked. Tasted good anyway)
And I also had some tasty beef with it.

Lunch: steak tartar with carrot fritters (carrot, egg, sesame seeds, Italian herbs and some arrowroot) and crispy bacon pieces with kale and tomato (sauteed in bacon fat).

Between lunch and dinner I snacked on just a few walnuts because I was crazy hungry..
Next up was dinner. It took me over an hour to prepare and cook everything, but it was well worth it, especially the good time we had.
I roasted pumpkin slices in the oven (with black pepper and cinnamon), stir-fried zucchini noodles in some coconut oil, and the 'main' dish was meatballs in a thick tomato sauce with onions, bell pepper and lots of Italian herbs. I was quite happy with how everything turned out!
For dessert, I made an apple-blueberry crumble, which was really yummy. Not exactly 100% Whole30 approved, but most certainly didn't contain any ingredients that would cause  insulin spikes.

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