October 24, 2011

A new start, a new Whole30

Today is a good day!

Why? Well, a lot of things happened: my laptop crashed last night (it refused to start) and I got it to work again this morning (with some help), as soon as I heard it make its trusted Windows *pling* sound, I was happy, and even more so when my desktop actually showed up. I only lost 1 important file in the process; my holiday photo book I made last week, but luckily, that's replacable by making a new one. I still need a new laptop though, don't want this to happen again, after all, my loyal companion has already celebrated its 5th anniversary this year. That's at least 80 in human years!

Next, I went to the gym (yes, I had the energy to go to the gym this morning!) for the first day of my new workout routine. I'm going to do a CrossFit WOD 3 times a week; with at least 1 rest day in between. That's it. Nothing else, unless my energy levels go through the roof all of a sudden, which isn't likely to happen.
I started out with some stretching, foam rolling and double under practice.
Then I did this:
5 rounds:
2 min. AMRAP of:
- 4 power cleans @25kg
- max rep 10kg plate slam
1 min. rest

And I ended with some more stretching and doing a few pull ups to see if I could still do those.
- I can still do pull ups after 2 1/2 week of rest
- my Rogue speed rope is awesome (double unders are easier now, but they still require more practice)

Oh, and I started a Whole30. I hear people thinking; didn't you do that 2 weeks ago? Yes, but I gave up after 4 days, and figured today would be a perfect day to start as the Official Whole30 Version 5.0 starts today.
Since I experienced quite some health problems over the last month, I decided I'm tired of being tired and I need to take the best care of my body as I can. A Whole30 seemed like the best way to start. And in order to stick with my plan, I'm going to take lots of food pix again and will show them to you all with a daily blogpost.
What am I hoping to achieve with this Whole30? Stable energy levels throughout the day (and more of it), less cravings and the ability to see food as fuel, not so much something I mentally need. And it would be awesome if I'd be able to fit into my favourite pair of jeans again :)

What did I eat today?
I wasn't hungry at all this morning (snacked on nuts last night, my gut didn't like it) so I only had a PWO meal of a double-egg fritatta.

I sauteed a red onion and some wild spinach, added 2 chopped hard boiled eggs, chives, ground black pepper, and poured over 2 whisked eggs to turn it into a fritatta. Topped with some tomato slices, it made a good meal with lots of protein.
By the way, adding hard boiled eggs to a fritatta is really tasty!!

During the afternoon I scooped out a small avocado, and for dinner I had some grilled salmon with lemony curry vegetables and cilantro.

Since I'm mentioning stuff that made today a good day, I might as well add some more: I discovered why women like to combine Uggs and sweatpants. You can tell me it looks horrible as often as you like, I won't care, since that's the most comfortable combination ever!
I also discovered my love for the TV series Hart of Dixie. I've been lying on my couch all evening, watching 4 episodes straight and sipping green tea. I'm so enjoying my day off!
I hope everyone had as much of a good day as I did :)

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