October 25, 2011

Whole30 day 2

Today, I told some people I eat as much protein from meat/fish/eggs as 500g worth of beef, every day. You should've seen the look on their faces!! Hilarious!
No, I'm not bragging about my diet to everyone who wants to hear. Although I do have the tendency to get overly enthusiastic as soon as I start talking about it, I'm not acting like a sales person who's about to get a raise when he sells just 1 more product. Or at least I try not to. The last thing I'd want is to annoy people with my diet.
Still, I couldn't resist stating this fact and it was so funny to see their reaction!

Alright, on to the point of this post: showing you what I ate on my 2nd day of this Whole30.

Breakfast: leftover salmon and a 2-egg fritatta with broccoli stems and a small avocado, topped with cilantro.

Lunch: Leftover curried veggies from last night and a chicken breast, seasoned with five-spice.
Around 4pm I got really hungry, so I snacked on a hard boiled egg and a tomato.

Dinner: oven roasted broccoli and 2 home-made burgers (with onion, cilantro and lots of spices)

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