November 11, 2010

One (not so) Lucky Duck

Since I really haven't felt like cooking anything special, nor eating, these past couple of days, I thought I'd share a nice spot to have a meal or to get a snack I found online.
Next April, I'm going to New York City with my mom, so I've been browsing the web for nice places to eat. One of them is "One Lucky Duck", they've got a restaurant, 2 locations for take away (all located in Manhattan) and a lovely webshop. Check it out:

Of course I had to take a look at the menu (perhaps it would provide me with some inspiration), they only serve raw food and everything's vegan and gluten and dairy free! How awesome!

One of their dishes I would definitely like to try is this: Brazil Nut Crusted Almond and Sea Vegetable Croquettes
I don't have a clue what it'll taste like, but it sounds really good. I'm so curious about the recipe for this dish. Perhaps I could try and make some sticky paste out of veggies, turn them into balls and roll them through a mixture of ground nuts?
I guess a thick pumpkin puree would do the trick. I'm definitely going to try sometime!

As for the desserts, I wouldn't be able to choose. It all looks incredibly tasty and what's not to love when it's all gluten- and dairy free? "Trio of Dark Chocolate Coated Indian Spiced Ice Cream Treats" and "Lemon Cheesecake with Blackberries". I still have a lot to learn when it comes to raw food.
Their take away menus look just as tasty, so I'm sure my mom and me will be paying One Lucky Duck a visit, and maybe even more than once.
These Chocolate Truffles simply look too good to be true. (yes I know, they're not paleo, but every girl needs a chocolate fix every once in a while, and a holiday is the ultimate excuse to have one)

Even though I've found a place that has great food, I don't feel so lucky myself at all..
This Thursday my therapist found out that I've become allergic to cats, which meant my little kitten Luna had to go.. She's only 12 weeks old, and I had her for 5 weeks. I've never been allergic to cats, but my immune system has gotten weaker at work; I work with lung patients, who cough in my face all the time, giving me a lot of viruses to deal with. If I had to choose which had to go; cat or work, I would definitely have said work, but I can't live without any money (obviously) so the cat had to go.. Luckily my parents are now providing her a loving home, and even though my health will probably benefit a lot of this, I feel really sad and empty and I don't even feel like eating or cooking (which is extremely rare for me). There's simply no one to greet me in the morning or when I get home from work, who's always happy to see me. And it's not 'just a cat', it's my companion. I miss her.. a lot..
So I have to get used to living 'cat-less' for now. I'm going to visit her in 3 weeks, and if that doesn't make me feel tired or anything after a couple of hours, I can have her back. So I'm just hoping I'll be a lucky duck too..

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