November 7, 2010


Here we go.. I've made my decision.
I've just scarfed down all non-paleo food I could find in my home (i.e. potato crisps, chocolate, sugar-sweet coconut pudding) and as we speak I'm baking myself some cookies to have later this evening. I gave in to my cravings for the last time and in case they ever come up again I'll just have to deal with it.
Starting tomorrow, I'm 'going Paleo'!
I've already made numerous attempts to make the switch, but I always end up stuffing myself with non-paleo food on weekends, and lots of it. That doesn't really benefit my health, nor my weight or mood. I already cut out grains from my diet a year ago, and dairy and gluten a couple of years before due to food intolerances, so it won't be a huge change for me. However, no sugary or salty snacks anymore will be hard sometimes.

In this blog I'll share some of my recipes (I love cooking!), food finds and more with everyone.

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  1. Hahaha... dit is zó herkenbaar! Ik doe ook al jaren Paleo, maar dat weekend blijft een valkuil. Ik hoop voor je dat het je gaat lukken. Succes!