November 21, 2010

High tea breakfast

High tea

This is what my breakfast looked like this morning! Yum!
It's more like a brunch, because my mom and me were so full afterwards that we're sure we don't need to have lunch today. It's almost all paleo, the only thing is that there was some agave in some of the muffins and, of course, sugar in the chocolates. No grains or dairy though!
The things you see are (from top to bottom):
- chocolates (from the local 'chocolaterie', with raisins and nuts)
- apple cinnamon muffins (made by mom)
As you can see I used a lot of recipes from Elana's Pantry, those always work out really well, and they're very tasty.
Yesterday evening we baked these biscuits, which are from Elana's Pantry as well. We thought they would make a perfect replacement for the usual scones you have with a high tea. And they did!
They were so easy to make. We just put all the ingredients into my mom's Magimix foodprocessor, and a dough magically formed. Because of the dough's consistency it gave me loads of ideas for other recipes (with some adaptations of course), but yesterday we decided to stick with the original recipe for biscuits.

Biscuits raw

It was just a matter of minutes before they were ready to pop into the oven. I didn't roll out the dough between parchment paper, I just made 12 balls out of it, making small scones. And after just 23 minutes at 175 degrees Celsius, they had browned nicely. We enjoyed them with some Apricot jelly (100% fruit) this morning. They're very tasty, and would be even better with 'clotted cream'; the thick coconut cream you can scoop out of a can of good quality coconut milk (no shaking) would do the trick.

All in all this made the perfect replacement for a high tea! As you can see, we're not that much into the sandwiches that usually go with that.
And if you can make it like this, there's no harm in enjoying a high tea every once in a while.

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