November 1, 2011

Whole30 day 9

I didn't eat any eggs today! Wow! That's been a really, really long time..
And guess what happened? I don't seem to be satisfied by food as much as compared to when I do eat eggs. While I didn't eat less protein than usual, I did eat a little less fat and that's probably why I still feel like I could eat another meal (shortly after finishing dinner).

Has anyone ever visited the BBC Good Food website? There are so many amazing recipes on there, and most of them can easily be made Paleo-style. I used to buy their magazine every now and then, but since I'm on a budget and the price of 1 magazine (in euros) can feed me for a day, I'd rather choose the food. And instead, I occasionally browse their website for recipes. Works great!

Here are today's meals (it didn't take much inspiration to create these, but I liked them anyway):
Breakfast: thawed horse stew to which I added some pumpkin and kale while heating it.
Lunch: spinach salad with chicken.
Dinner: cabbage and beef burgers

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