November 2, 2011

Whole30 day 10

Finally.. I'm done studying for the day! I started this morning around 8 AM, and finished at 8 PM. Don't get me wrong, I haven't been studying for 12 hours straight (my attention span is way too short to do that) but it still felt like a really long time. My exam is tomorrow, and I hope they'll ask me to do lots of calculations (which is what I'm better at). I hoped exactly the same last time, and guess how many questions were in there that involved calculating? Yup, none...
We'll see what happens, at least I did my best!

The good thing about being finished and having a couple of hours before heading to bed is that, right after posting this, I'm going to send out a few emails, and then.. I'm going to browse my brand new cookbook: Make It Paleo!!
It arrived in the mail today and I'm super excited about it! I already looked at some of the pictures in it (while enthusiastically telling my mom about it on the phone) and it looks great. Can't wait to start cooking from it! It's a shame my meals for Thursday and Friday are pretty much done already, but that leaves me more than enough time to start planning my meals for the upcoming week.

In the mean time, I also managed to go for a workout this afternoon (well, it actually was a priority, but let's pretend I was all about studying today). Here's what I did:
3x5 bench press
6 rounds of: max plyo push ups (using bumperplates), and 20m sprint.

I'd never done plyo push ups before (thanks to youtube, I now know how to do them), but they were fun! And hard.. Really hard. I'm already looking forward to Friday's workout!
First I have an exam to tackle though..

I also took the time to make a few nice meals today (after all, my brain needs food too), I absolutely loved my lunch (thank god for leftovers, going to enjoy those tomorrow!!) and I dinner was really tasty as well. I made a Huge batch of beef stew; including 1,5kg of beef.. That'll easily make 8 servings. I ate one serving today, put one in the fridge for tomorrow, and put the other 6 in my freezer to enjoy at a later time.
Here are today's eats:
Breakfast: the last bits of horse stew (which was nice at first, but by now I'm kinda done with it..) with some  extra spinach and carrot.
Lunch: broccoli and bacon-wrapped chicken, filled with home-made pesto. (sooo yummy!!)
Dinner: Asian-spiced beef stew (with creamed coconut, lemongrass and lots of spices) and some more broccoli.


  1. Your pictures are just delightful. I'm getting hungry just looking at them. I'm also thinking I should be lots more creative with my meals.

  2. Nothing beats a good meal after a whole of day reviewing and finishing an exam. Well, there are some students who find other ways to pamper and treat themselves after a long week of exams. But I just found myself drooling over your broccoli and bacon-wrapped chicken. You deserve this!

  3. Thanks! That's so nice of you :-) Yeah, I loved that bacon-wrapped chicken. It's amazing that healthy meals can actually feel like a huge treat.