March 11, 2012

Homemade bacon

Today, I'm not posting a recipe of my own, but something I made for the first time last week. And it was a succes.


Up until 2 days ago, I was convinced everyone loves bacon. Except for vegetarians and vegans, but even they sometimes eat fake bacon. Yet, I was wrong!
During lunch at work, one of my colleagues had bought a salad at the restaurant, which came with 3 rashers of bacon. She put them on the side of her plate.
I couldn't resist asking: 'Aren't you going to eat those?'. 'No, I don't really like those' she replied. Guess who ended up enjoying her bacon?? ;-)

Making my own bacon was something I'd wanted to do for quite a while now. After all, most store-bought bacon isn't that healthy because of the large amount of additives and perhaps even a bigger load of salt. My parents once gave me a chunk of pork belly from their butcher, that piece had been in my freezer for a while now.
Making your own bacon isn't something you do within a day, no, it takes 8 days before you can enjoy your bacon. It's worth it.
Really worth it.

I made my bacon by following Jen's Gone Paleo's recipe for 'Homemade bacon'. It just doesn't make sense for me to post my own recipe. This one works.
All I can do is give you some tips:
- Make sure to use a meat thermometer.
- Use a sharp knife so you can nicely slice your bacon.
- Try this and enjoy it!

All there's left for me to share are some pictures.

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